Chris Joslin is Pro!

Posted by Route One on 16th September 2015

Twelve days. That’s all it took Chris Joslin to produce a part cable of eclipsing most professional skateboarders career output, just twelve days!

Admittedly it was in China where endless granite and perfect plazas are abound, we couldn’t see him managing it in our average British market town, but none the less this part is staggering in the extreme. And that is why, on top of all the rest of the breath-taking content released over the past twelve months, Plan B have decided to give the Etnies lad the ultimate promotion and hand him his own pro board.

“Teenwolf” really does seem to be a freak of nature in the best possible way; in an age where the wallie and simple skid are seen as peak manoeuvres it is refreshing to see a youngster takes up those early 00’s reigns and really go for it jumping down the daftest stuff! Congrat’s on going pro Chris, you truly deserve it!