Chris Joslin Real Street B-roll

Posted by Route one on 6th June 2017

A few weeks back we shared with you this year's X Games 'Real Street' submissions and, like the good little folk that we are, we duly watched every clip before making our choice on who we thought deserved our vote. Needless to say, had we been party to this freshly released 'B-roll footage' from Chris Joslin, our voting preference may well have been somewhat different!

That's not to say the section Joslin put out was weak, or that we've now decided the other parts were lacking; oh no, we're still as stoked on all the original clips as we were when they first dropped. It's just this near five minute clip from the Etnies and Plan B pro proves that Teenwolf really cannot be messed with when it comes to knocking out face-melters with alarming regularity.

Hucking himself down the biggest of gaps for fun, sticking his feet on when most would kick away and ultimately taking technical manoeuvres down stair sets that only ten years ago would've been considered impossible, the Hawaiian Gardens, CA native is once again in a league of his own. If nothing else we've learned a valuable lesson; really think who you're voting for because, whether it's a skateboard competition or not, sometimes the most obvious media portrayal doesn't give you the full story.