Chris Roberts Street Compilation

Posted by Route One on 22nd November 2017

To a lot of you out there, the name 'Chris Roberts' will be synonymous with the 9 Club series of interviews and little else - and that's understandable. Short of the occasional clip emanating from Biebel's warehouse, C-Rob's output over the past decade has been minimal at best. The thing is, if you're willing to look back, it's hard not to suggest that the ever lovable lanky bugger was one of the most stylish skaters of all time, as this brand new compilation clearly shows.

Containing prime cuts of C-Rob steeze from everything from Tim Dowling's 1998 release 'Listen' through numerous Chocolate releases to his seminal Transworld 'A Time to Shine' part, this is the perfect introduction to a man most of you have only seen sat behind a microphone up until now!

And for those of you well versed in the mesmerising fluidity of the Malibu native's balancing prowess, this is just a great excuse to reacquaint yourself with some truly beautiful skateboarding. Enjoy!