Chris Russell 'Die Like A Devil'

Posted by Route One on 6th March 2019

A stocky lad skating some bowls, set to some classic early 80's UK metal! What's not to like!?!

Ok, Creature's Chris Russell might not be to everyone's tastes. He's certainly not an athlete making that corporate money, driving around in his Ferrari set to a soundtrack Meek Mill. Nor is he a roadman, bunning a j down the local estate blasting Loski out of his iPhone speaker. But he does what he does very well and there's room for all sorts in this game we call skateboarding; sometimes you just wanna watch a dude go fast and, if you do, Chris Russell tanking it about is defo the clip for you!

Plus the lad snaps a board clean in half on a rock fakie; when did you last see that happen!?! We're guessing never! Chuck in a switch waterpark loop and a seemingly impossible NBD at FDR and this is one of our favourite clips this week.