Clay Kreiner's Madness

Posted by Route ONe on 19th July 2018

We don't know what kind of madness Clay Kreiner is suffering from, because, on the evidence of his intriguingly titled brand new part for Thrasher, we'd be on cloud nine and fully lucid if we were able to ride away from any of the tricks he tries in this!

Maybe that's where the "madness" in the title comes from; nobody could possibly suggest the kickflip at 0.44 is anything but bonkers and it takes a foolhardy soul to even attempt 10ft high padless mctwists. Or perhaps it references Chris Gregson's filming, certainly frantic and frenzied, rolling into the deep-end of pools mid line to get the perfect angle.  We could even theorise that the lunacy lies in the fact that a part this gnarly is a web release and will tragically be consigned to the annals of skate history before the week is out.

Truth be told, as fanciful and feasible as these suggestions are, the reality  of the reason behind the clip's naming is mundane and exciting in equal measure. The "madness" expressed within is actually the name of the new board brand Clay is riding for, which also happens to feature our very own Sam Beckett. Given he was pro for Blind this is big news and fills us with nervous enthusiasm - we know he's more than capable so we're hoping Sam is gonna drop an equally impressive part some time soon!