Coffin Cuts: Peter Raffin

Posted by Route One on 18th January 2018

Did you know the new Creature vid was about to drop? Truth be told we haven't seen too much hype so we'd forgive you for being in the dark about it. Thankfully with the release of this new series of 'Coffin Cuts' you've got no excuse to build up the hype for Creature fiends world wide!

Though names like Willis Kimble and Kevin Baekkel may have taken centre stage in these post 'KOTR' months, the Creature team is a proper crew and as such truly runs deep. Peter Raffin may not be a name familiar to those too young to remember 2009's 'God Save The Label' but he is a radical son of a gun and the raw ATV shredding captured in this is sure to win him a new generation of fans.

14 minutes of balls to the wall, pedal to the metal, cliché to the cliché skateboarding illustrates that this 31 year old from San Jose, California still brings some grade A skateboarding to the table. There's apparently more to come too (from the series, not Peter - 14 minutes is probably enough!) so there's plenty of hype to go around. 

And if you didn't know the new Creature vid was about to certainly do now!