Corey Duffel: The Jenkem Interview

Posted by Route One on 27th January 2016

There’s a lovely little line in the introduction to this interview, where the writer proclaims skateboarders today are just “too good” and how the guys pushing the boundaries in the late 90’s/early 2000’s were much more exciting to watch. We have to say that, on the whole, we feel he has a very strong point.

Foundation Skateboards’ Corey Duffel encapsulates this like no other; the first to admit he’s certainly not the most talented on a board and often his own style’s biggest critic – the one thing that helped catapult Corey into the limelight and keep him there for the past decade and a half is shear unadulterated passion for skateboarding.

Having “history” in the form of the written word interview, Corey once again addresses (and seemingly puts to bed) those horrific words of his 15 year old self – it is the mark of a strong man who can accept, learn and grow from their mistakes and Mr Duffel certainly seems to have done that.

Classic footage accompanies this piece and can certainly satisfy your fix for the most gnarly of ‘just about in control’ skateboarding but it’s the promise of a new Duffel part that gets us most excited. Just hopefully Dakine backed Corey can manage to keep himself off of the injury bench long enough to make it happen!

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