Crockett Pro 2 'Extra Clips'

Posted by Route One on 8th February 2017

With all the online hype of late, you can't fail to have to have noticed that Vans footwear has released Gilbert Crockett's long awaited second pro shoe and done so with footage of a fence clearing kickflip so intense, even Geoff Rowley was shook by its magnitude.

Further to the traditional internet launch 'part', Vans have seen fit to promote the shoe through its own website page and a series of twelve individual videos, featuring clips as far ranging as skate park ledge manouevres to getting blind sided by an SUV in a suburban street; it really is a crazy mix!

Few people command the loyal following that Quasi Skateboard's Richmond VA connection does, so it's no surprise that Vans has bestowed the honour of a second shoe on the young man. Have a gander around the page, check out a few of the vids and maybe try a pair of the shoes out next time you need a pair; if they get your kickflips half as good as Gilbert's, the investment will be worth its weight in gold!

Crockett Pro Bonus Clips