Curren Caples 'Push' Part

Posted by Route IOne on 22nd June 2017

Season two of the Berrics' excellent PUSH series may well have taken a good six months longer than everybody involved might have planned but that inability to stick to a rigid time frame hasn't hampered the final production, as anyone who has seen Blake Carpenter, Nick Tucker or Miles Silvas' parts will testify. 

The latest addition to the class of '16 completion list is Flip Skateboards' very own Californian wonderkid Curren Caples and the ATV with the model good looks from Ventura does not disappoint. From Vespa towed street boneless ones in Barca to cruising lines on the biggest of stateside concrete, that loose and casual flow we've come to know so well is once again evident throughout and produces a thoroughly enjoyable part that the young Vans rep can be proud of. 

That does mean of course that Leo, Biebel and Dan Lu all still have to complete theirs; at this rate we can see 2017's event being delayed until some point in 2019! It does mean we still have some amazing footage to come however and though we can't say when that will be, one thing you can rely on is us sharing them with you as soon as the powers that be see fit to let them drop.