Daan And Job Van Der Linden

Posted by Route One on 10th January 2018

Everybody's favourite pint-sized Dutch skate wizard is back, and this time he's brought his brother along for the ride! Ok, maybe that's a slight detour from the truth, given this isn't exactly the most up to date footage, but it is the Van Der Lindens and it doesn't in any way disappoint.

Whilst there's no denying Job isn't quite to the level of his brother (let's be fair, nobody is, seeing as Daan is the best skateboarder in the world), he can certainly hold his own and comes correct on numerous occasions dropping some seriously tech ledge hammers, all the while doing the family name proud.

Then there's your boy Daan, already established as the best there is, chilling yet still doing his thing (all the while being the best there is!). You really can't front on this young man from Veldhoven; plenty of people are good but Daan is magical. Here's hoping we get to see plenty of new footage from him as 2018 progresses!