Dakine x Stereo Sound Agency - A Passion For Detail, Travel & Skateboarding

Posted by Route One on 24th July 2015

Dakine have been making bags since 1979 and over the years they’ve grown from a small Maui-based brand (Hawaii - hence the name, it means ’the kind’ in Pidgin Hawaiian) into one of the biggest sports-bag companies in the US, working out of a new home-base in Oregon. Their latest project sees them team up with the phoenix-from-the-flames that is the Stereo Sound Agency who since re-starting their legendary skateboard company in 2003, have been involved in several collaborations, including the likes of WeSC, Obey and of course … Route One (our 89 RPM Collab deck from 2012).

This time they have teamed up with Dakine to bring you a collection featuring three different styles of bag: the 26 litre Trek Pack, the 21 litre 365 Pack and the much larger 53 litre Sherpa Duffel  - which can also double up as a backpack as seen in the video below (featuring Chris Pastras, Clint Peterson and Jordan Hoffart, with Jason Lee reprising his Coach Frank role from the Skate 3 video game, as they skate around LA and test out the new products). According to the good folks over at Dakine, the collection was “inspired by Chris and Jason’s passion for detail, travel and skateboarding…'

Available online Saturday 25th July.