Dan Plunkett’s Video Part About Nothing

Posted by Route One on 14th May 2014

Skate Mental and Huf rider Dan Plunkett may well sit somewhat in the shadows of his teammates over at each of his respective sponsors but in a fair world that wouldn’t be the case.

Whilst he might not be as devilishly handsome as Messrs Dylan and Gillette or as consistently technical as Street League wonder Shane O’Neil, he is one hell of a talented skateboarder and someone who can really bring something special, even when it’s just a throwaway web part.

Released on Thrasher (isn’t everything these days!?!) this ‘Video part about nothing’ clocks in with three minutes and thirty seconds of complete and utter radness, landing the moves you want as easy as you want them. Yeah, he might not look like a model and he might not be winning golden statues but he exudes ATV skateboarding radness and that is something that just can’t be bought.