Dancing On Ledges In Space

Posted by Route One on 28th May 2014

This is an odd one to say the least. Anyone of you who has had access to a backyard trampoline will undoubtedly have taken on an old deck (sans trucks of course) and messed around with a few shuvs, grabs and maybe the occasional late flip.

You know when people say stuff is next level? Well, this is 15 floors above that! Using “tramp trucks” and integrating ledges, Jason Harvey and his mates have produced a trampoline/skateboard crossover video that makes the stuff Shane O’Neill does look like warm up tricks on a kerb.

Word to the wise though, as entertaining and inspiring as this is, their trampolines have been custom made;  don’t get out the Stanley knife and start slicing up your little sister’s ‘My first trampoline’ – it won’t work and you’ll just have to buy her a new one…