Daniel Lebron '8am'

Posted by Route One on 11th June 2020

There are a few OG Euro heads that now, as they dwell comfortably in their 40's, you could forgive for "doing a Koston" and focusing on dining out on their past glories. 

Skaters like Javier Sarmiento, Raul Navaro and, most fittingly given we're sharing footage of him, the one and only Daniel Lebron. These are guys who've committed the majority of their lives to the progression of European skateboarding yet they're still out there producing world class clips and reminding us that age is just a number.

Born in Sant Vincent De Raspeig back in 1976, Daniel Lebron was killing Spanish plazas before you were born. Though local to Alicante through birth, it's his association with the municipal areas of Catalonia to the north where his legend was carved. Skating Sants before "Barca" was even a thing in skateboarding, his brand of powerful ledge tech was a beacon to the world that there was more to our industry than the bubble of Southern California.

This latest vid sees him return to his old stomping ground at age 44 and show the kids exactly how the OGs do. This really is absolute perfection!