Darkstar 'Autotelic'

Posted by Route One on 27th June 2019

Autotelic. Adjective (formal): An activity or a creative work having an end or a purpose in itself.

Basically that means the creative product itself is the purpose, not what it facilitates. And there's definitely something admirable about that in the modern age; not to make money, provide fame or assert power. Art for art's sake if you will.

And that's where we are with Darkstar Skateboards' latest release, a video that sees Cambridge hand rail assassin Joe Hinson finally get bumped up to the official am ranks and Manolo Robles produce the ledge tech part we've always known he was capable of. Chet Thomas and the boys at the brand know it's never going to compete with the coolness of Palace or the finances of Element so why do they even try? Because they're doing what they want to do for the simple reason they want to do it.