DC Shoes: De La Calle/Da Rua – Thaynan Costa

Posted by Route One on 25th November 2015

By now you’ve surely seen Tiago Lemos’ insane ‘De la Calle/Da Rue’ part – you’d have to be sleeping under a rock to have missed it! Grinds held longer and tricks popped higher than ever before; The DC clip pretty much broke the internet last week.

Following that annihilation was never going to be an easy task but the strong shoulder’s of enjoi’s Portuguese connection, Thaynan Costa, are more than up for the job.

Thaynan first came to our attention a number of years ago at NASS, popping the wrong way into and out of grinds well before every long sleeved New Yorker started biting that steeze. Now, a good few years later, he’s perfected the art of being a skateboarding badass and this part proves just why the guys at Dwindle have so much faith in him.

It’s also set to some cracking 80’s Bowie, it doesn’t get much better in our eyes!