DC Special Delivery Tour

Posted by Route One on 5th October 2016

Earlier this summer the powers that be over at DC footwear decided to bring back the fantastically successful 'Special Delivery' tour that so many of us enjoyed last year. Once again Wes Kremer was coming back to our soil and it's safe to say everyone in UK skateboarding was pretty excited about what the planned week would bring.

We at R1 were lucky enough to have Wes and the boys visit us in our Bath Store (heck, we were even luckier to get the chance to catch up and interview him once again!)  You can catch up with the proceedings from the Visit in this recap video.

The skating is obviously fantastic but (and you might want to prepare yourself here) despite former SOTY Wes being on the tour, he isn't actually the stand out star of the vid; that honour goes to the ever amazing Fabric Skateboards rider James Bush - some of the tricks he's doing these days are so mind blowing they don't even have names! Click play now to check for yourself and maybe see if you and your mates can come up with an idea or two, we're sure James would appreciate a little help as he has so many tricks that need labeling right now!