Decuna On Force Wheels

Posted by Route One on 14th March 2018

Love him or hate him, there's no denying Milton Keynes native Alex Decuna is making the kind of social media waves many established pro's would love to achieve. Having been part of the ever-impressive Jart roster for a hot minute, Alex has upped his sponsorship game and is now getting his urethane direct from Andy Schrock himself!

Ok, Force Wheels and the whole Schrock shtick might not to be everybody's tastes, but the man is making serious money from his good time approach to skateboarding and it's great to see a UK head officially get the nod of recognition from this modern day mild mannered Rocco.

The welcome part is of course nuts; Alex's approach has never been about style, preferring instead to turn the tech up to eleven, so we're finding it hard to comprehend how he managed to knock up such a compendium of flip trickery in the two weeks he's claiming it took. The thing is, the kid is an absolute beast so we don't doubt his sincerity and, on the evidence presented here, it makes perfect sense that Schrock now has his back!