Doug McLaughlan’s Sidewalk Interview

Posted by Route One on 11th August 2015

Long-time Route One Skate Team member Douglas McLaughlan has been a stalwart of the UK scene for longer than many of you reading this have been alive.

Born and raised in the industrial heartlands of West Yorkshire, A Third Foot's Bradfordian connection Doug has the honour of the most Sidewalk covers ever earned by one person (yeah, even more than Penny…). So, it is no surprise that with the launch of the new online version of the mag, the steeziest guy in Britain was top of the pile when it came to their interview wishlist.

However, what may be a surprise to you is the turn Doug’s life took two and a half years back, something he explains here publicly for the first time in great detail. Whilst we’ll leave it to the interview itself to cover the full story, we’ll just say that things got more ‘real’ for Dougy than they ever do for most people and for him to come back, positive as ever and still skating at the highest level, is testament to the character of one of the greatest people we here at Route One will ever know.

There is not even a semblance of hyperbole when we say Dougie, you are the best…

Click the image below to read the interview.