Elliot Sloan Birdhouse Part

Posted by Route One on 23rd January 2020

Let's be fair, there can't be much of a market for nu-metal assisted mega ramp skating in 2020. Truth be told we reckon that description alone is enough to put off most prospective viewers, which is a bit of a shame really as this new part from vert madman Elliot Sloan is absolutely mental!

Utilising that energy drink money to finance his own backyard compound (as well as having back door access to everywhere from Woodward to Bob's) Elliot is taking vert and mega ramp skating to such unfathomable levels some of these tricks need watching frame by frame just to work out what the hell is actually happening.

We'll tell you one thing for sure though, and this needs no 0.25x play back to confirm it; a kick flip tailgrap mctwist is one of the daftest tricks ever done on a skateboard and whether your 35 years deep in the vert game or a kid that's strictly street, this is something you've really gotta watch. Maybe just mute that nu-metal eh!