Emerica ‘MADE’: Leo’s B-Sides

Posted by Route One on 12th February 2014

Following on from Brandon Westgate’s simply amazing B side release a couple of weeks back, Emerica have now seen fit to lay Leo Romero’s alternative angles and extra clips on an unsuspecting and frankly unworthy world.

To put it in its most basic form, this video shows you just the kind of stuff you need to be made of to be even considered as a sponsored skater. Not only can the Toy Machine pro hold a crooked grind more closely and carefully than a new mother does her young but he is also willing to take slam after near career ending slam, time and time again, all the while laughing and grinning like it “ain’t no thing”.

The thing is, it is; Leo is made of sterner stuff than you or I and that is what makes him able to produce a clip like this.  Gobsmacked…