Eric Koston Sole Research

Posted by Route One on 30th March 2016

Eric Koston needs no introduction. In fact little can be said about ‘the champ’ that hasn’t been written a thousand times over. One thing that does sometimes go overlooked though is his contribution to skate footwear, often taking risks going down avenues and alleyways few would dare.

His latest model, the Koston 3 on Nike, is certainly testament to this; causing adulation and revulsion in equal measure – Eric himself freely admits that the mainstream popularity of his first and second Nike models allowed him the freedom to “mix it up” with his latest model.

This video, featuring archive footage from the past two decades, showcases the very best of Froston in shoes he helped design. That in itself makes it a wholly worthwhile watch and whilst it may no not change your opinion on his latest footwear endeavour it is sure to remind you why he’s one of the best that ever lived…