Evan Smith ‘No Hotels’ Part

Posted by Route One on 20th April 2016

Element and DC pro Evan Smith is seemingly unstoppable right now. Fresh from appearing in the New World Element series, and only months after his jaw dropping ‘Time Trap’ part, Evan treats the world to yet more of his face meltingly good skateboarding, this time in Plus Skateshop’s ‘No Hotels’ full length release.

Hosted as always by the en flique Thrasher magazine, the VX section contains everything from crusty desert pools to alleyway manual tech and once again cements the notion that to make it to the very top of the game you really have to be able to destroy everything these days. ATV’s for the win!

Don’t be put off by the fact it’s “only a shop vid” either – every single one of the last minute’s worth of tricks is ender worthy and when the actual ender ender comes you’ll be picking your teeth up from the floor; It really is that gobsmacking!