Evan Smith Spitfire Part

Posted by Route One on 5th January 2017

Should Element pro Evan Smith have been Thrasher's 2016 SOTY? In a year that not only contained Kyle Walker's Vans part but the ascension to greatness of the one and only Daan Van Der Linden, it's not really for us to say. Regardless of which way you felt the award should have gone, no one can deny that DC's Orlando, FL connection had one hell of a year.

And here he is, back once again (this time wheel sponsor Spitfire), with another couple of minutes of truly mind blowing wizardry. We challenge you to not let out little squeaks of excitable happiness as you take Evan's majesty once more - when everything from classic LA school lines to infamous Euro proving grounds get his loose skateboard treatment there's no way you can fail to be impressed!

The final paragraph of these little posts we write for you are designed to 'seal the deal' in terms of sparking your interest in whatever it is we are currently referencing. In this instance we'll simply say he does a kickflip backside wallride over a handrail and down some stairs. In a line...