Fernando Bramsmark Skate Mental Part

Posted by Route One on 2nd March 2016


Welcome to your new favourite skateboarder!

Hailing from Colombia via Sweden, Fernando has been a part of the Euro scene for a good few years now so you are more than likely familiar with his name. The Americans however are only just catching on and he recently secured himself a place over with Staba at Skate Mental.

Given the propensity for amazing skateboarders to suffer the ‘Americans unable to pronounce their name’ syndrome, Fernando has taken inspiration from the legendary Rick James/Charlie Murphy relationship and is, in marketing terms at least, going by the name ‘Darkness’.

None of this matter however once he’s on a board; no superlatives do this lad justice and, as we try to keep the swearing at a minimum, we’re struggling to find ways to convey just how amzing he is to watch.

There are definite hints of Cardiel in there though, hopefully that’s all you need to hear to be convinced.