Free Skate Tour Update

Posted by Route One on 19th February 2014

This week finally saw the start of the Route One Free Skate Tour!

We started off in Rock city in Hull on Monday. It was an amazing day and a great kick off to the week!  A crowd of over 150 came to skate the park for free and everyone left with at least 3 prizes each!

We then headed down to Beast Rampz in Manchester on Tuesday, they had struggled against the odds to get their park reopened after last week's floods caused some damage to the roof but we were stocked to rock up and find over 250 of Manchester’s finest already shredding. The comps kicked off and once again everyone left carrying a bundle of freebies.

Check out the offcuts from the parks below - but you'll have to wait until the 28th to see the full edits from all parks!

Remember there's still time to get yourself down to the next three parks. Today we're heading to Flo in Nottingham, tomorrow is Rush in Stroud and Friday is Prevail in Poole.