Georgie Tsushima: From filmer to internet sensation

Posted by Route One on 2nd January 2014

If you’re a skateboard filmer you are no doubt a reasonably competent skater yourself. Sure, you might have ended up being behind the lens because your mates could kickflip better than you, yet when they held the camera it was so bad it looked like you were skating through an earthquake.

Maybe you felt you could offer more being the capturing creative type than they guy bottling jumping down the local Aldi three stair. That doesn’t mean you still can’t rip when you want to. Go watch ‘Chomp on this’ for proof or, if that isn’t enough, settle down to watch this section from Vox Footwear filmer Georgie Tsushima – this lad does not mess about!

Doing the usual filmer’s thing of squeezing in a few goes after all the ‘sponsored’ guys have all done their thing has produced one heck of a banging section, skateboarding like this is not to be sniffed at.