Get 420 Every Section

Posted by Route One on 17th February 2017

Right you bunch of cheapskates, here is each of the sections from Get Lesta 420. There is some amazing skateboarding in here from Kris Vile, Mark Stern, Kelley Dawson, Lucas Healey, Mike Simons, Eric Thomas, Shehzad Jaffer, Shumway King, Nick Roberts, Zeta Rush, Will Golding, Diego Najera, Jason Cloete, Trent Mclung, Charlie Munro and James Bush.

This is literally some of the very best skateboarders that the UK have to offer, with a few American Pros thrown into the mix.

So go ahead and enjoy the full video, but please make sure, if you like the video, go and buy it and go and buy Get Lesta's product! We need to keep supporting Callun Loomes, so he can continue to make these amazing videos! He doesn't do this shit for free…