Goodbye Landscape

Posted by Route One on 25th July 2019

That's it. Founded in 2003 as a thinking man's alternative to Fos' Heroin Skateboards, Landscape (originally 'Organic' as skate nerds of the day will no doubt recall) has served the British skate community for over a decade and a half but, like all good things, it has come to pass.

But, unlike so many brands in similar circumstances, instead of disappearing in an almost inaudible whimper Fos decided to see the team off with a bang and called time with the release of the absolutely magnificent 'Seasons' video.

Featuring Nick Stansfield, Keanu Robson, the much missed Chris Barratt and the irrepressible talents of the one and only Joe Gavin (quite possibly the best British skater of his generation) the video really is a masterpiece and serves as the ultimate tribute to one of the UK's longest serving board brands. Never mind the hype of certain companies making that fashion brand money, companies like Landscape have been the backbone of the British scene longer than many of you reading this have been alive.

Watch the video and raise a glass; let us toast one of the best group of guys to ever do it...