GX1000 Premiere House Of Vans London

Posted by Route One on 3rd May 2016

Last Friday the House Of Vans held the London world premiere of the Thrasher production 'GX 1000', this is what we like to think as the best video release of it's kind in recent memory. We are proud VX footage fans and always will be purest that skateboarding looks best this way, the GX1000 video well and truly delivered the goods we anxiously waited for.

Starring the likes of Brain Dellatore, Al Davis along with a multitude of other SF locals and skateboarding friends alike, much like the previous edits from the GX crew travels around the globe which you've all probably witnessed as they're the best internet series out right now...
So to recap the actual event, the venue opened up with a traditional free bar session, an essential must for all skate video premieres. But on the down side it does mean you have hoards of people patting you down with the hopes of scoring a free £4 beer token.
This video has been so highly anticipated that the video had to be screened twice in order to let every one have a drunken watch at the best VX production you could hope for.

Check out the few images below and keep an eye out for the dvd on our website.

Big thanks to Shiner for the invite and Dangerous Robert for the images.

Stoked crowd of skater humans...

3 Welshman, Caradog, Chris Jones, and the Nickster.

Sidewalk magazine representative Jono highly approves with lesser happy folk behind.

GX1000 London edit to get you spiced up!