Hanging out with Alexis Sablone

Posted by Route One on 31st August 2017

Female skating is going from strength to strength. In 2017 it's nothing out of the ordinary to see as many girls down the park shredding as lads and the elite crews you see making up the entrants of top end competition can easily hold their own with anybody they choose. Thrasher parts, mag covers and pro status on unisex companies is the norm these days and thank goodness we've finally got here.

That wasn't always the case though. As with any aspect of life, paths need to be forged and barriers need to be broken for advances to be made; it took strong women to stand up against stereotypes and say female skaters have as much right to skate hard as their male counterparts. One of these torch bearers was Boston legend Alexis Sablone and it is with her we find ourselves spending some virtual company today.

Jenkem has never been one for shying away from interesting characters and a 30 something female skateboarder with a degree from MIT certainly fits into this category! Alexis may well have toned down her skateboarding in the years following her ground breaking 'PJ Ladd's Wonderful Horrible Life' part to concentrate on her education but, with that well out of the way, she's now ripping harder than ever, as the flat ground sesh in this clip illustrates.

Whether you're a young woman looking for an inspiring role model or any old skater wanting to peak into the life of a rad human, this is the clip for you!