Hanging Out With Donovan Picsopoe and John Fitzgerald

Posted by Route One on 26th August 2015

After the demise of Alien Workshop speculation was abound as to where the various team riders would end up. As we now know, a large majority stuck with Chad Bowers and the short lived creation of his (M)other brand, now Quasi. John Fitzgerald and Donovan Piscopo however ventured away to pastures new with Dill’s FA off shoot ‘Hockey’

Anyone who saw big John’s rise to fame in Slap’s ‘One in a Million’ can testify what an extraordinarily powerful talent the lad possessed and the same goes for Donovan’s beautiful tech showcased in Nike SB’s ‘Chronicles 2’.

German skate mag Solo sat down with both recently (whilst over in the UK no less for the London AM) to discuss their past, their present and their future. Click their smiling faces below to read what they had to say.