Have A Heart Campaign With Skateistan Update

Posted by Route One on 10th April 2014

You may remember that in February we ran a campaign with skateboard charity Skateistan, for the second year in a row!

For every deck sold, both online and in our stores, between 14th February and 28th February 2014, we donated £5 to the Skateistan charity, helping 5-18 year olds with skateboarding and educational programming in Afghanistan and Cambodia.

The campaign was a huge success and thanks to those who bought a deck during this period we managed to make a donation of over £2,400!

We were so happy when we received an email from the Skateistan team updating us on how the donation from Route One has helped their project.

Here’s what they said.

Skateistan is honoured to have support from Route One’s ‘Have a Heart’ campaign for the second year in a row. The continued success of this campaign means a lot to us and we appreciate the support from the wider skateboard community for our programs in Afghanistan and Cambodia. As skateboarders, buying a 'Have a Heart' deck from Route One is the perfect way to give something back to skateboarding and to kids who otherwise do not have access to many opportunities.

This year, Route One’s donation is the equivalent of providing learning supplies for 150 kids for an entire year at our facility in Phnom Penh Cambodia, as well as providing a wage for a former student as a skateboard and education instructor. Since most Skateistan Cambodia students come from a low-income background, the opportunity to teach skateboarding and creative arts is a huge opportunity. This provides a chance for a former student to further their personal development in regular workshops and training sessions, and gives Skateistan’s regular students a teacher they know and trust.

A huge thank you to Route One and everyone who participated in the ‘Have a Heart’ campaign for making such an amazing contribution to Skateistan.”

To make a donation to Skateistan, please visit their website.

Words: Colette J E