Hawk Sr On Lakai!

Posted by Route One on 8th November 2017

Let's be honest...who didn't see this coming!?!? After years without an official shoe hook up, and a son as the brand's marquee pro, it was only a matter of time before Riley's dad (Tony Hawk- Google him, he was big in the 90's...) was announced as officially part of Lakai.

However, what we didn't expect was such a comically brilliant press conference video to serve as the official release of the news!

There's not much else we can really say to hype up this clip, it's not particularly long and there's no great depth to it. It is however very, very funny and Tony Hawk is the absolute man when it comes to killing it at life, so we couldn't be more stoked for the man himself. We're also really stoked for Lakai; in a skate world increasingly ruled by the cash of corporations, it's great to see the little guys holding on and keeping their slice of the pie. Here's hoping the double team of two generations of Hawk can help propel this most proper of brand back to where they belong!