Helas: Polo Club Mixtape

Posted by Route One on 11th May 2016

Helas main man Lucas Puig takes full advantage of all the hype surrounding his forthcoming part in the adidas full length ‘Away Days’ with the release of this fifteen minute promo, over on the Thrasher website.

Featuring all the usual suspects and split between the veritable skateboard playgrounds that are Paris and Barcelona, the French apparel brand continues to deliver the finest in steezy Euro tech.

Cliché partners in crime Max Geronzi and JB Gillet purvey their finest wares alongside the likes of Primitive’s Brian Peacock and legendary Chocolate ripper Jesus Fernandez but it’s the magical footwork of Lucas that ultimately delights. The man switch flip back tails a waste high ledge just for a laugh; you don’t get skateboarding like that everyday!