Heroin Skateboards: Bath Salts Trailer

Posted by Route One on 4th August 2015

Fos’ Heroin Skateboards brand has seen many different incarnations over its life time; from the early days of ‘Good Shit’ through the brilliance of 2002’s ‘Everythings going to be be alright’, adopting Liverpool’s Howard Cooke in those ‘Live From Antarctica’ days to blossoming into the American market with the likes of Chet Childress in ‘Video Nasty’ – it really has been a colourful ride!

Much like 2006’s ‘Magic Sticky Hand’ Heroin’s latest release intends to focus mainly on the amateur side of the brand and ‘Bath Salts’ (due to drop in November) has just had its first promo released online.

Obviously we’re going to suggest you “sit down and click play” and we’re sure you’re gonna be stoked on the idea of the new vid after you’ve done so. But we also suggest you hit up some of those earlier releases and re-educate yourself to the value of one of British Skateboarding’s hardiest brands – the UK skate landscape would be a very different place without it.