Hjalte Halberg for Frog

Posted by Route One on 13th December 2017

No, don't worry, Polar Skateboards representative and Danish man mountain Hjalte Halberg hasn't left Pontus for Chris 'Mango' Milic's always rad 'Frog' Skateboards. This is strictly a guest appearance clip (and there's a guest board to go along with it) so all you Cons-wearing, no-comply fans out there can rest easy knowing the band ain't breaking up just yet!

Truth be told, this isn't just a Hjalte Halberg clip as it gives prominence to pretty much the entirety of the Frog team. It does however feature the man (and that amazing combination of pure brute power and a deft, delicate touch we've come to know and love) sessioning New York and beyond with the crew.

For those of you who are yet to familiarise yourself with Frog's vibe, just think of Mango's previous unashamedly goofy radness shared through a full team situation. Throwing in Hjalte's beastliness only sweetens the deal; this is a great way to start the week!