Hold Tight Hard Drives: John Tanner

Posted by Route One on 6th July 2016

Few people have as successfully documented our capital’s skate scene as Henry Edwards Wood and few people showed as much promise in the mid naughties as the one and only Tom Tanner.

To those of you new to skateboarding the name won’t mean much but for those paying attention eight or nine years ago can’t help but have watched in awe as his star appeared to rise stratospherically; a natural talent the likes of which our fair isle rarely sees left a trails of beautiful destruction in his wake before seemingly dropping off the face of the planet five years ago.

Free Magazine have seen fit to serialise some of the best from the ‘Hold Tight’ archive and this look back to one of the most enigmatic faces the London scene has ever known kick starts the collection with gusto. To paraphrase a great man “If you don’t know, now you know”…