Posted by Route One on 10th August 2016

When you get the opportunity for six minutes of top notch Big Apple skate action from the likes Austyn Gillette, Brad Cromer and Dick Rizzo two words come to mind: yes please!

Shot by Brandon Kuzma and Tyler Cichy, this is an artistic look at America's most famous city and the interactions some of the world's most exciting skateboarders have amongst its famous and imposing architecture. Don't let that fool you though, this isn't all highbrow skyscrapers and slow-motion distant flips in front of down town traffic; no, there is proper skateboarding in here - you know the HUF boys never disappoint!

It's Krooked's Brad Cromer who really takes the honours in this one, with his front blunt at Seaport being a mind-blowing highlight. That's not to say Dick Rizzo and Austyn don't shine though, the latter especially raises quite a smile with a beautifully executed B/S 180 over a crash barrier to manual and a fakie tre of epic proportions; it really is great to see him back on a board. 

All in all this is everything you could hope for from the city that never sleeps and you get some Cromer and Gillette thrown in to the mix too. What more could you ask for!?!