HUF 'Tour De Stoops'

Posted by Route One on 9th November 2016

Keith Hufnagel's eponymous shoe brand returns to the footage game for the first time since the tragic passing of marquee pro Dylan Rieder. This brand new vid, released, of course, through the Thrasher website, chronicles a twenty day tour through Europe and is as good a tour clip as we've seen in a very long time.

Featuring Austyn Gillette, Tyler Bledsoe, Jake Anderson, Dan Plunkett, Dick Rizzo and many more besides, it doesn't rely on the tramline demonstration stops that have seen the tour video genre become trite. No, this is simply a large group of guys venturing around various cities in Europe with the pure act of 'playing skateboards' being their priority.

With no demo footage to act as filler, this nine minute sojourn around London, Paris and Copenhagen is pure killer (and beautifully put together to boot), click play for some raw and unadulterated Euro shredding from some of the most stylish in the biz.