In Search of the Canna Ramp

Posted by Route One on 9th August 2018

For those of you yet to sample its energy drink-fueled delights, it's safe to say that Boardmasters (and the annual pilgrimage to the white sands of Cornwall that it entails) is always one hell of a laugh.  Held in the stag and hen party centric coastal town of Newquay, one could be forgiven for expecting it to be little more than pissed up chavs and overly entitled surfers batting it out for cultural supremacy whilst us dirty skaters hide from the melee, entertaining ourselves on the side show mini ramp and supping anything but that freely available sponsorship poison. And whilst there's an element of truth to that description, the reality is a whole lot more fun.

Given Newqay is pretty much an epic drive from anywhere other than Truro, any travelling crew intent on sampling its seaside wares has to commit to that grandest of pastimes - a good old fashioned road trip. Intent on making the very most of the 280 mile journey from London, Sidewalk magazine assembled a rag tag crew of the most travel hardy transition shredders (including our very own Jordan 'J-Thaxx' Thackery) and documented every step of their epic quest to turn an already fun week into an excursion for the ages.

Ok, perhaps that's a tad hyperbolic, but the lads have managed to make a four part skate vid out of their travels and it looks like they had an absolute blast. So, as we have approximately eight weeks of decent weather left at most this summer, if you and your mates fancy getting out there and creating your own Animal Chin moments, watching this for inspiration is a damn fine place to start!