Independent Rip Ride Rally

Posted by Route One on 13th June 2019

This is straight up gnarly, no two ways about it. In fact, scratch that, the dirt boarding part of this is straight up daft and whoever dreamt it up really ought to be sectioned as it was blatantly gonna be carnage right from the very first roll in!

Honouring the lives of P-Stone, Phelps and Grindline's Mark 'Monk' Hubbard, the Lincoln City Skate park's 20th anniversary celebrations really went above and beyond, taking the theme of all terrain shredding to insane levels and the highlights video Thrasher have just dropped really captures the insanity of what must have been a truly emotional weekend for everyone involved.

Obviously all your favourite big transition riders were in attendance, and the skating is beyond insane, but talking about this kind of event can never truly do it justice. Here's the rawest talents of the skate industry, coming together to celebrate the lives of three men who shaped it like no other; in situations like this all you can do is rip your hardest in their memory and it's safe to say that's exactly what everyone did.