Introducing Clear Weather - Clarity In Footwear

Posted by Route One on 1st May 2015

“Classic silhouettes reinterpreted with futuristic lines, paired with fresh materials and sophisticated finishes”.

Clear Weather launch their new footwear brand into a competitive market with a large advantage over like-minded companies. Having worked with some of the largest and most established contemporary brands, creators Josh and Brandon Brubaker combine two decades of experience and knowledge into one clear vision.

Adapting both current and old footwear shapes, Clear Weather offer accessible silhouettes which allow individuals to display an element of creativity or expression they may otherwise hide.

Launching with five styles in this initial drop, Clear Weather hits shelves with the numerically inspired One Thirty, Ninety, One-O-One, Eighty and One-Ten, all offered in an array of plush colours and materials.

Clear Weather do not make footwear for the sake of difference, but rather to inject an element of innovation to the everyday.

Online from 02.05.2015