Jackson Pilz ASOTY

Posted by Route One on 2nd February 2017

That's 'Aussie Skater Of The Year' in case you were wondering! Yep, enjoi's Queensland connection is bestowed the honour by infamous Antipodean mag Slam and this brand new part to celebrate the occasion is seriously off the chain!

Australia has a long and proud history of producing world class skate talent. We're all too familiar with the destruction laid to waste by the likes of Dustin Dollin, Matt Mumford, Jake Duncombe, Shane O'Neill and the late, great pairing of Lewis Marnell and Shane Cross. To be even mentioned in the same breath as such luminaries means only one thing - Volcom gnarler Jackson is a veritable skateboarding animal!

An all terrain ripper who isn't afraid to coping dance when he's not hauling ass, young Mr Pilz showcases much of his talent in this clip which displays not only his technical prowess but his raw and stylish power (as well as that kickflip. trust us, you'll know exactly which one when you see it).