Javier Mendizabal BFFS Remix

Posted by Route One on 17th August 2016

If, like us, you're partial to a bit of high octane bowl shredding but also like your skater of choice to be blessed in the 'natural style' department, you're probably a massive fan of Cliche Pro and Cons rider Javier Mendizabal.

We suppose you could call this a 'Best of' clip of sorts; in reality it's a remix of his 'Behind The French Fred Scenes' appearances but it really is a stunning display of skateboarding so if you want to refer to it as a 'best of' we aren't going to stop you!

Having burst into our collective consciousness in 2000's seminal Cliche release 'Europa', Basque Country native Javier has led the way in the art of beautiful yet raw bowl skating. That doesn't mean it is all he can turn his hand to (there is plenty of street footage in this to keep the most fundamentalist streetstyle purveyor content) but it is where his ability truly shines. Click play to see transitions taken apart my the Algorta magician in the most aesthetically pleasing ways imaginable.

Javier Mendizabal BFFS Remix from PS OHH on Vimeo.