Javier Sarmiento 'Jarana'

Posted by Route One on 28th May 2020

Javier Sarmiento is 40. He was appearing in 411 videos, mesmerising the likes of Kalis and Koston at long forgotten stadium competitions, years before the vast majority of the current skate world was even born. And some how he is still at the absolute top of his game!

From Powell's 1999 release Magic, through The Firm's legendary 2003 full length Can't Stop all the way to the numerous Sk8 Mafia films of the past decade, Javi's back catalogue of footage is world class and his latest piece, hosted by Free Magazine, adds yet more unfathomably stylish tech to his sterling legacy. 

"Jarana is a Spanish word used in the Flamenco world to describe when players and friends get together to play music, sing, clap, drink and generally have a good time; something that’s always been a huge part Javier's life, including during the last four years of missions with Enrique Mayor. Some of the footage you're about to watch has already been sprinkled in various edits, some was unseen until now; either way we thought it was way too good not to be appreciated in part form."