Jaws ‘True Blue’ Retrospect

Posted by Route One on 27th May 2015

Oh my goodness! When Dekline’s True Blue video was serialised on the Thrasher website earlier in the year we wrote about Blake Carpenter’s part and figured you’d all find Jaws’ section of your own accord.

No doubt you did and sat thoroughly mesmerised by the insane bendy legged Birdhouse lemming and his propensity to jump off the nearest high thing, no matter what it is. Well, just in case you somehow missed it, we are not leaving things to chance this time round; Thrasher have just posted the ‘behind the scenes’ / alternative angles clip and we simply have to share it for everyone to see.

Aaron Homoki is the ultimate skateboard jumping badman, how his knees cope is something we doubt even doctors will ever understand. What we can understand though is that Jaws is killing it to a degree few will ever even consider and it is truly breathtaking to watch. Click play and be in awe – that’s an order!