Jenkem: Hanging Out With Erik Ellington

Posted by Route One on 22nd June 2017

Alaska Native, Deathwish Skateboards head honcho and owner of the best bigspin front board in skateboarding, Mr Erik Ellington is the latest of your favourite pros to get the 'Hanging out with Jenkem' treatment and we have to say this is by far and away the most enjoyable clip we've seen all week.

Though he's pushing 40 and his Axel Rose obsession may have waned since the heady days of the Baker Mansion, there's no denying the all round hype factor the Supra pro exudes; such is the level of his positivity, it's almost impossible to not watch this with a big ol' grin and feel the levels of stoke rise as every minute passes.

From checking on the well being of a lady whilst he knocks out a few tricks on flat to willfully being the most accommodating dude to a random fan in the street; few people are killing it at life as well as your man Erik. Click play to spend a few minutes in the company of one of the greats and invariably you'll get to walk away a little bit more stoked on life ...