Jenkem Mag: The Geoff Rowley Interview

Posted by Route One on 28th October 2015

When you think of English skateboarding’s impact onto the international scene as a whole one name stands head and shoulders above the rest: Flip Skateboards pro Geoff Rowley.

Born and raised in Liverpool before moving to the states in his late teens, few people will ever come close to causing such a cataclysmic shift in the way skateboarding and the tricks deemed possible are seen.

Jenkem Magazine recently sat down with Vans pro Geoff for an in depth interview, discussing everything from his penchant for riding ‘commando’ to the seeming juxtaposition of ethics between his veganism and hunting. It really is fantastic reading and delves deep into the psyche of our finest export to date.

It also includes seven and a half minutes of classic Rowley footage re-edited into an ‘Ode to…’ video: it is essential viewing!

Click the image below.