Jenkem: Revisiting the Water Tower Ollie with Jeremy Wray

Posted by Route One on 23rd January 2020

Few people have had the influence on skateboarding as the legendary Jeremy Wray. Even fewer tricks have had (and continue to have) as seismic an impact as his infamous 1997 water tower ollie.

Whether your first introduction to this era defining clearance was spying the Thrasher cover in your local WHSmiths, huddled around an old telly watching a borrowed copy of 411 or even caught off guard as this insane bout of stuntsmanship appeared before your eyes in the opening credits to THPS, few people can claim to not have had their minds blown seeing something so simple yet so undeniably gnarly.

Twenty three years after the fact, Jenkem Mag recently took Jeremy back to the site of his most famous battle (yep, it's still there and nobody has stepped to it since - that's how mental it is) and cover the entire back story to this most iconic of skateboarding stunts. This really is essential viewing for everyone who's ever stepped foot on a skateboard because this is one of the high water marks of our collective existence. After all, how many other tricks can you think of that are still getting discussed (and have never been bettered) nearly a quarter of a century later!?!